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independent voter network

Will Millennials Ever Get Behind Clinton or Trump? | IVN

As the 2016 U.S. presidential election draws nearer, millennials across...

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Easy To Start Side-Hustles | Fortune

Sometimes, working a full-time job isn’t enough...

Ogpl natural flea tick remedies article
One Green Planet

5 Natural Flea and Tick Remedies | One Green Planet

Spring is just a few weeks away, which means warm weather is on the way for our North American folks...

Thinkstockphotos 509625582 article

What Stay-at-Home Dads Teach Our Kids | Babble

It’s time to take a look at the dads who do it all...

Photo 1449198063792 7d754d6f3c80 article

Why Millennials Will Save The American Economy | Liberal America

The way the media talks about millennials, you’d think they’re harbingers of the American Apocalypse...

Goodmen article
The Good Men Project

What Stay-at-Home Dads Teach Our Kids | The Good Men Project

It’s time to take a look at the dads who do it all. Whether for financial reasons or ...

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Boom Or Bust: Which Presidential Candidate Will Catapult The US Economy? | Liberal America

We’re in the middle of election season, and that means the nation’s economists get to come out of the woodwork yet again to weigh in on the candidates’ economic proposals...

Tbsm article

Saudi Women Gain Foothold in Middle East | The Big Smoke

On December 12, 2015 women in Saudi Arabia were allowed, for the first time ever...

Liam trump victory article

Is Trump Storming To Victory? | Liberal America

Donald Trump is going to win the Republican Presidential nomination. Shortly after that, all hell is going to break loose...

Photo 1427805371062 cacdd21273f1 article

Where Does the GOP Stand on Mental Health Issues? | The Moderate Voice

With his characteristic snark in full effect, Bernie Sanders said at a recent town hall that the GOP Presidential debates are proof “we need to invest” in mental health issues in this country...

Saorise ronan e1460669462405 696x402 article

Why Domestic Violence Should Be Talked About More In College | Unwritten

Domestic violence is the secret no one wants to share...

Osb house of cards article

Through the Funhouse Mirror | Ordinary Times

Certain television shows have the power to define an entire generation...

Mod voice climate change article

Impact of Republican Denial of Climate Change | The Moderate Voice

There appears to be just one major group of people left on Earth who doubt that climate change is caused by human activity...

Workers comp insurance article

How to Successfully Invest Your Workers' Comp Payout | Veterans Today

Suppose your workers’ comp payout has come through. After all the forms, filings and legal wrangling, you finally got a big check...

Intn accident expat article

What to Do When You Have an Accident in the USA as an Expat | Internations

The US healthcare system is not easy to navigate. Even those born and raised in the states are often confused about how much treatment costs...